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Develop India Foundation is dedicated to driving positive change in the world. Wee are thrilled to connect with you on our various social media platforms. Here, you'll find a vibrant community of change-makers, thought leaders, and supporters united by a shared vision of creating a brighter, more equitable future for all.

CSR Partnership

Partner with Us for CSR Initiatives and Maximize Your Impact

Join hands with Develop India Foundation to make a tangible difference in the lives of millions across the nation. Through our CSR partnership program, your organization can contribute towards transformative projects in crucial areas such as child development, education, women empowerment, food drives, and environmental conservation.

By collaborating with us, not only will you be fostering positive social change, but you'll also enjoy the benefit of 50% tax savings under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

Our diverse range of projects ensures that your CSR funds are allocated to areas where they are needed the most, creating sustainable change and uplifting underprivileged sections of society. Whether it's supporting education initiatives to empower the next generation, providing opportunities for women to thrive, ensuring the basic needs of the less fortunate are met, or championing environmental conservation efforts, your partnership with Develop India Foundation will be instrumental in building a brighter future for all.

Take the opportunity to align your organization's CSR goals with our impactful projects and maximize the positive change we can create together. Contact us today to explore how we can collaborate and make a meaningful difference in India's development journey. Together, let's create a better tomorrow for generations to come.

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Join us in making a real difference in India's future. At Develop India Foundation, we're dedicated to various initiatives aimed at creating positive change. Volunteer your time, skills, and passion to uplift communities and create a brighter tomorrow.

Become a champion for our cause, amplifying our impact within your network. Ambassadors raise awareness, mobilize support, and foster partnerships to further our mission.

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Fill out our application form to match your skills and interests with our projects.

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Represent DIF in your community or sector of influence. Reach out to learn more.

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Share our mission on social media, participate in fundraising, or host events.

Internship Opportunity

Shape the future of India with Develop India Foundation (DIF).

DIF is a non-profit organization working towards socio-economic development in India. We offer internship opportunities for passionate individuals who want to gain valuable experience while making a real difference.

Whether you're interested in education, healthcare, environmental sustainability, or social entrepreneurship, we have opportunities for you to contribute your skills and ideas. Whether you're interested in education, healthcare, environmental sustainability, or social entrepreneurship, we have opportunities for you to contribute your skills and ideas.

If you are a highly motivated and results-oriented individual, we encourage you to apply!
What You'll Gain
We are looking for interns with a passion for:

Together, let's develop a brighter future for India!

Why become a Mentor?

Together, let's develop a brighter future for India!

Become a Mentor

Empower the next generation of Indian leaders. Develop India Foundation connects passionate individuals like you with promising youth who are eager to learn and grow. As a mentor, you'll share your knowledge, experience, and guidance, helping them reach their full potential.

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Fill out our short application form and we'll be in touch to discuss how your skills and experience can empower the next generation of Indian leaders.